In the Works



Her mom thought it would be a good idea for her to get out of her rut.  Yea! Right!  What rut?  Just because she liked hanging out with her friends and go to the mall or movies didn’t sound like a rut to her.  Okay, she admits; she may spend a little too much time on her cell phone, but that doesn’t constitute a rut either!

“Just shoot me now!” Bonnie said with all the drama she felt, as she launched herself backwards onto her bed.

“It will be good for you to see a different way of life, and learn to appreciate what you have,” her mom cajoled.

“You can’t be serious about this!  I am not a little girl anymore!  I don’t need to be sent away to a summer camp!” Bonnie protested.

“Oh, I promise, this is nothing like a summer camp.  We are letting you visit some old friends of ours.  They have kids your age.” She reassured her 15-year-old daughter.



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